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Lakeside Assisted Living
1109 S. Schumaker Dr.
Salisbury, MD 21804
Fax: 410-546-9710


Lakeside Assisted Living is the best choice in retirement living options for those who would benefit from the kinds of supportive services that enable them to manage on their own, better and longer, than what might be possible in their own homes. We have the broadest funding options in the area.

Our philosophy for "living with assistance" fosters a balance of privacy, security, independence and the ease of having access to personalized services, if needed. We believe that residents should have privacy without loneliness, assistance without developing dependence, and security without removing a gracious and home-like setting.

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Studies have shown that people who live among other active people, and with less stress, live longer and happier lives. We agree.

Is it time to consider an assisted living community for you or a loved one? View this checklist to help you determine what type of assistance may be most beneficial, for you and your loved one.